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Before contacting us

Popular Questions and Answers


I didn't get an email after I signed up

  • Please add to your address book, and/or make us a safe sender - so you get our emails.
  • Follow the directions on this page: Check your junk/spam mail box.
  • If you do not get your email after we send it again, please email us at and tell us your old email address and a new email address to use for you.


I forget my password


I can't start the Placement Test

  • After you login, you are on the Getting Started tab. You will see Step 2: Do the Placement Test. Click that link to begin.
  • If you cannot start the test you may need to enable/turn on javascript. In the Help Desk menu, Please click Javascript and watch the video for your internet browser (ie. Firefox).
  • If this does not help, it could be your pop-up blocker. Please 'allow'
  • If these things do not help, please do the test on another computer. You only have to do it one time.


I can't see the Worksheets/Homework Answers


I can't start Lesson 2

  • To move to the next lesson, you must click either the Question and Answer Board or I have finished this lesson button at the end of the lesson you have finished.
  • See an example here:
  • This allows us to track your progress.
  • Please go back into Lesson 1 and click one of those buttons.


Change my name / email

  • Name: tell us the full name you want on your certificate
  • Email: tell us your old email address and a new email address to use for you
  • Send this infomation to


I do not see my question - Click on this link to contact us