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Pre-Intermediate English

 In Pre-Intermediate Unit 4, you will learn to:

  • talk about future predictions with will and going to
  • learn about extreme adjectives
  • use a, an, the and zero article
  • talk about relationships with present perfect, since and for
  • talk about actions with present perfect simple and continuous
  • interview for a job
  • talk about future possibilities with first conditional, if and when
  • ask for things politely
  • talk about unreal or impossible situations with the second conditional
  • use narrative tenses past simple and past perfect to tell stories in the past talk about past events
  • report things people say
  • improve intonation in conditional sentences
  • improve pronunciation of sounds





  • Begin to study with Lesson 1.
  • Follow the lessons in the correct order to get the most benefits from your online English training.
  • The next lesson will activate automatically as soon as you have finished with the previous lesson.


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* Test Center: will be available after you have completed all your lessons.