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Will, Cameroon

English is very important to me. I'm a teacher in my country. I will continue with the course in order to improve myself again and again.


Glenny, Dominican Republic

I feel like I've learned more with you in a short time then in the six months I was learning in an institute. I'm very grateful for your hard work and dedication.

Angela, United Arab Emirates

I am very happy to study English with you. I will continue the course!


Orgest, Kosovo

I'm very happy with my achievement with Englishlink, and with my teachers.

Buddhi, Nepal

Your help is highly appreciated by me. I continue improving my English day-by-day. I will never forget you because you changed in my life.


Ainur, Kazakhstan

Thank you for good job for helping with learning English! Your pronunciation is very understandably. I always enjoy learning with you lessons.

Rampath, Sri Lanka

It is very good for students like us who do not have many opportunities to improve our English. This is giving support to us freely and should be appreciated by all.


Jean Baptiste, Haiti

I'd like to thank you for supporting me. I'm proud of my English.

Jesula, USA

Congratulations for being so helpful to the public. You give me so much, I have no words to say thank you.


Zameer, Pakistan

It was a good experience for me to learn Elementary Unit 1. In the future I will continue these lessons. Thank you all.

Zhang, China

Thanks the Englishlink team for work hard in English teaching! I need the skills to speak, listen, and communicate in English. Studying English is very interesting here. And it stays deeply in my memory.


Sothea, Cambodia

This course teaches me pronunciation of each words and sentences so well. I really enjoy it very much. I hope you can support us learning more lessons and I will study hard to improve my English.

Mohamed, Morocco

I'm so pleased to be your student. Thank you very much to the best teachers I have had.


Duraisamy, Oman

I did not think this website would help me so much .I missed lot of classes when I was at school, so I missed basic grammar. Now I understand it.

Sang, USA

Thank you for the excellent English program online. I appreciate it.


Soleyman, India

I am so happy because I passed unit 1 in 11 hours. I am going to start unit 2 and study better than in unit 1! Thank you again and again for helping me.